Google Changed Logo To Googlle To Celebrate 11th Birthday

Search engine Google is taking more liberties with its revered logo by adding two LL to its Google Logo for its 11th birthday before changing it again today to celebrate another famous birthday.

Today's tribute was for the Chinese Philosopher Confucius, whose birthday was recorded as being on the 28th of December, 2560 years ago. Google has changed its logo several hundreds of times since it was launched.

Many of them - like the logo for the first day of school in Turkey - are geo-located but many, like the one which celebrated H.G. Wells Birthday, are actually rolled out worldwide.

The tradition of changing Google's logo to reflect national events or holidays date as far as 1998 when the Google Logo was coupled with that of the Burning Man festival. Last year, Google replaced the first "o" in its name with a cupcake.

You can view more Google Logos (all 388 of them) from this unofficial repository of Google related logos and from the official Google website.

Our Comments

Not many companies take these kinds of liberties with their logos. In the office here, we would certainly want to have something similar although, unlike Google, we're not sure whether it will have the same impact.

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