iPhone Is UK's Coolest Brand Says Survey

Apple managed to grab three of the top five places in the latest annual Superbrands CoolBrands survey with the iPhone, the iPod and the company itself, displacing ubercool luxury car maker Aston Martin.

Aston Martin is also the only name out of the top 10 brands not to be linked to technology; it held the top place for three years in a row and only came second this year.

Apple's consecration as the coolest brand in the UK comes on the day that Orange announced that it will be selling the iPhone before the end of 2009. The iPod actually went up by 36 places to number four with Blackberry, Apple's archrival, gaining 16 places.

BBC's iPlayer is also a new entry at Number 20, showing the growing popularity of BBC's new Video On Demand service. Oddly enough Facebook is no longer in the top 20 and Twitter has yet to be listed.

The Centre for Brand analysis first identifies 500 of UK's coolest brands and each is marked by an "expert" panel based on six factors including "brand’s style, innovation, originality, and desirability". Intriguingly, there are no big names like HP or IBM in there.

The CEO Of Centre for Brand Analysis, Stephen Cheliotis, said in a statement that "considering cool is seen to be very fluid and changeable the top twenty shows remarkable consistency with 15 of last year’s top twenty in there again; equally most of the category winners are the same - so much for cool being a fleeting thing."

Our Comments

Some comments have noticed that the list of brands is quite male. The list contains a "hall of fame" for male fans with the likes of Aston Marin, the PS3, Rolex, Ferrari or Dom Perignon. Apple's iPhone sold more than five million copies over the last three months.

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