Microsoft & Sky To Launch TV Player For Xbox 360 In October

Owners of Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming console will be getting Sky TV on their platform provided that they are already paying BSkyB customers.

According to Sky's Official subscriber magazine, Xbox 360 users will get a free update on their console within the next few weeks which will be adding the feature to their console. It is possible that the update introduces Facebook and Twitter integration to the console's dashboard.

As expected, those interested will need to have an Xbox Live Gold membership as well as a full subscription package as well as a decent broadband line (possibly from Sky); you won't need a satellite dish.

Plans by Sky to offer Live TV on the Xbox Live were first unveiled in May 2009 but it is not clear whether the number of channels available on the Xbox 360 will match those on Sky's online TV Player or if you will be able to use the Xbox 360 as a PVR.

Xbox 360 owners will be granted access to Live Television, movies and video on demand content. Arguably this will make the task of those looking for TV Licence dodgers even more difficult since the content will be delivered via a broadband line instead of a cable or a satellite/aerial feed.

Our Comments

Both Microsoft and Sony are busy ramping up plans to convert their gaming platforms into fully-fledged, multi functional media centers that can handle internet feeds, video, gaming and much more. In this particular scenario, Nintendo appears to be helplessly underpowered.

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