Panasonic Unveils 50-inch 3D Full HD Plasma Screen

Japanese powerhouse Panasonic has showcased a 50-inch Full HD plasma screen capable of displaying full HD content using simply a compatible Blu-ray player and Blu-ray disc that supports the 3D format.

Panasonic chose the 50-inch version because it expects this size to become standard in most households as demand drives the price point of these massive television sets down.

Unlike other technologies on the market, Panasonic's technology will require users to use active shutter glasses to get the full 3D experience, showing 1920 by 1080 pixels.

The glasses switch in synchronisation with the screen content (right frame goes to right eye and vice-versa) and build a 3D model for the viewer. Panasonic says that it will be using newly developed phosphors to reduce ghosting while maintaining the overall brightness.

A prototype of both the glass and the full HD TV will be on display at CEATEC Japan 2009 which will take place next week near Tokyo.

Expect a commercial version of this plasma screen to appear as early as next year but its success might be determined by the widespread availability of compatible content

Panasonic will also demonstrate a 3D digital cinema projector capable of displaying a 380-inch picture for 3D HD picture quality plus a 3D ready MPEG-4 AVC High Profile encoder.

Our Comments

Sony and Sky are also planning 3D material and hardware over the next few months. As for any new disruptive technology, it is all about content and formats. Although we know that the data will be stored on Blu-ray, we don't really know what file format will be used. Furthermore, unlike Panasonic's, Sony's solution will not need any 3D glasses.

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