5 Reasons Why Dell's Latitude Z Notebook Beats Apple's MacBook Air

Dell launched the Latitude Z laptop out of nowhere and compared to the fanfare that accompanied its previous sleek-and-posh notebook, the Adamo, the Texan company has been unreasonably quiet about what turned out to be an excellent product.

The Latitude Z has a number of features that set it apart from the competition and even manages to pull it, almost effortlessly, ahead of Apple's Mac Book Air even if the latter is 4mm thinner.

(1) Wireless Charger

One has to wonder why this feature hasn't been introduced before on any laptops (or indeed, any other mainstream electronic devices). Simple, chic, effortless and very classy and a truly useful solution although you will have to buy the accompanying, charging stand for £159.

(2) 16-inch screen

Apple's screen is a 13.3-inch. The Latitude Z is a full 2.7-inch bigger, at 16-inch, and it packs even more pixels. 1.44 million pixels compared to only 1.024 million for the MBA. A no-brainer here.

(3) Removable Battery

One of the biggest complaints about Apple's sublime laptop is the fact that you simply can't upgrade the battery. That's not a problem with the Latitude Z which offers two battery options, the bigger being a 80w Lithium-Ion one.

(4) Solid State Drives by Default

By default, the Latitude Z comes with a 64GB Non-encrypted solid state drive. There are no options for a normal hard disk spinning model. What's more, you can up the internal storage capacity to 512GB by combining two encrypted solid state drives. SSDs are an options on the MBA range.

(5) Latitude On

As mentioned before, Dell has introduced a new feature called "ON" which is the equivalent of having a smartphone grafted on your laptop. You can therefore boot up quasi instantaneously to a full fledged desktop with access to all the information you need.

Other areas where the Latitude Z gives the Macbook Air a run for its money include security (the Latitude Z comes with FaceAware lockout, built in fingerprint reader and contactless smart-card reader) and connectivity (it has more connections than the MBA.

Oh and did we mention that there's a free external DVD slotload writer thrown in the pack, touch controls on the side of the screen as well as three year Next Business Day warranty for free?