£90 Blackberry 8110 GPS Pink Clearance on Orange Pay as You Go Mobile Phone

The BlackBerry 8110 Pearl is an indispensable business tool which takes mobile communication to another level. This Smartphone comes with a QWERTY style layout keyboard for fast text and email composition. Gain quick access to the internet with the built in RIM wireless modem and use the wireless email service to create, send, receive, reply and forward messages complete with email attachments.

Connect to the world of social networking with applications for Facebook, MySpace & Flickr. Update your status the moment you feel like it. Instantly share and tag funny pictures you just took. Post on your friends' walls from wherever you are! Stay in touch with your social world from almost anywhere with social networking on your BlackBerry smartphone.

The BlackBerry Pearl8110 Smartphone delivers amazing features for work and play. With push delivery technology for instant messaging, emailing and the flexibility of being able to add up to 10 work and personal email addresses including Gmail and Google Talk accounts.

Finally let the BlackBerry Pearl 8110 mobile phone wow you with exciting features. It comes complete with advanced phone features, multimedia, digital camera, video recording and expandable memory.

You can buy this Blackberry 8110 GPS for £90.