Apple's iPhone To Come to Chinese Via China Unicom

China Unicom, the second largest mobile operator in China, on Monday announced that it would start offering Apple’s iPhone in the country from next month.

The company further asserted that the blockbuster smartphone will be priced at around $733, but it wasn’t clear whether the aforementioned price was for the 16GB version, or for the 32GB model of the iPhone.

However, the network operator offered the details of the service plans it would offer with the handset. The iPhone users in China will be able to get service plans with data packages of 450 MB to 4 GB, 120 to 880 text messages, as well as 320 to 3,000 minutes of talktime.

The launch of the iPhone in China is in line with the network operator’s roll out of 3G services in the country. The company will extend its 3G network to 335 cities across the nation by the end of this year, and iPhone could presumably be the key driver in mobile data adoption.

Along with the iPhone, China Unicom will also be launching around 80 different types of handsets, including a Samsung smartphone on Google Android platform, in next month, as the company is kicking off massive roll out of 3G networks from 1 October.

Our Comments

After Orange and Vodafone here, Apple has started the last phase of its global plans to dominate the world of mobile phones. China was the last bastion to resist Apple and ironically there are scores of iPhone clones being sold there, showing that people crave for the iPhone format but couldn't get their hands on it.

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