Broadband Buyers Prefer Reliability To Speed Says Survey

Broadband users in the UK value internet connection reliability more than any other aspect of their broadband services, according to a recent survey.

The research, conducted by a broadband comparison site, revealed that around 34 percent of the internet users considered reliability - not value for money or speed - as the most important feature of their broadband service.

However, more than half of the 4000 respondents of the survey felt their broadband provider had failed to live up to their expectations, with more than 70 percent of them saying they were dissatisfied with internet connection speeds.

Just around 30 percent of the people who participated in the survey cited internet speed as the key aspect, while 23 percent quoted value for money as their choice of preference.

Furthermore, of those lodged a complaint with their broadband provider over poor broadband service, 55 percent claimed they felt it didn’t reach a satisfactory resolution.

Michael Phillips, product director of Broadband Choices, said in a statement: “It is surprising to see that broadband users value connection reliability ahead of value for money, customer service and even speed”.

The research could well be an eye-opener for ISPs focusing hard on trimming down prices, but apparently ignoring the quality of services they are offering to the users.

Our Comments

Customers can be quite fussy sometimes, choosing the cheapest packages available and then complaining because of the customer service. The old adage still holds, you get what you paid for. Very often, it is only when you hit a glitch and have to call the customer service that you know how bad your ISP's aftersales really is. But then it is too late.

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