Dell Launches Wireless-Charging Latitude Z Laptop

Dell has announced what looks to be the big brother of its high end laptop phenomenon, the Adamo; the Latitude Z is an upmarket enterprise-bound laptop with a difference, it doesn't need wires to get charge.

Furthermore, Dell claims that the laptop is the thinnest 16-inch machine on the market and at 20mm, it is thinner than Toshiba's just announced 11.6-inch CULV-based laptop and only 500g heavier.

The Latitude Z charges up using a wireless power notebook stand that is build around an inductive charging pad and should charge the device as quickly as the wired version.

The 16-inch screen can display 1600x900 pixels and comes with an optional 2-megapixel webcam with microphone. The whole thing is powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, up to 4GB RAM and a choice of solid state storage. Yep, no spinning hard disk drives here.

The rest of the laptop's features are surprisingly well thought. The device's base and screen are joined using the same structure as the Adamo, the keyboard has a "silky-touch" and a soft-touch finish.

The screen's frame has some nifty touch controls built into it that can control volume or screen brightness. Think of them as shortcut keys.

The Latitude Z also incorporates a new feature called Latitude ONl it is a mini-motherboard with an ARM processor and a Linux based OS.

Effectively, it acts as a second computer for quickly accessing low-power resources like a web browser or emails. The upsides of this novel feature are instant power on and battery life that can lasts for days.

Our Comments

Dell says that the Latitude Z will be available in the US for as little as $1999 or around £1260. No release dates have been published yet for the UK and the price here is likely to hover around £1499. The question though is whether some will consider that the Latitude Z will be a luxury too far for many.

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