Millions Of Freeview Boxes & TV Sets To Be Retuned

More than 18 million digital TV set-top boxes connected to Freeview broadcasting system will need to be retuned this Wednesday - or else users could end up losing their key TV channels and radio stations.

Simultaneously, another 7.7 million TV sets that have Freeview digital technology incorporated into them will also have to undergo the process of retuning.

The exercise is the outcome of massive changes being introduced to the frequencies employed to broadcast over 50 TV channels as well as another 20 radio stations to rooftop aerials.

The move is a part of a plan to make Channel Five available to a larger part of the country, and ensure seamless broadcasting of high definition TV channels.

However, the change may prove to be a hassle for a major proportion of the Freeview users, especially the elderly, who may not familiar with the technicalities involved in retuning their sets.

Incidentally, some electrical retailers are even claiming that many customers are simply unaware of the fact that their Freeview set will stop working if they don’t retune it.

The aforementioned changes in the transmission, which will happen from tomorrow morning, will further imply that around 22,000 older digital TV set-top boxes will stop functioning.

Our Comments

Neither did we hear anything about it, nor did we receive any press release regarding the retuning. We can therefore assume that tomorrow is going to be a pretty torrid day for thousands of households who will find themselves suddenly unable to access their favourite channels.

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