Toshiba Launches CULV-based Laptops

Japanese manufacturer Toshiba has unveiled two laptops based on Intel's Consumer Ultra Low Voltage platform otherwise known as CULV; the Satellite T110 and T130 will be targeting those looking for a bit more than netbooks.

Both laptops are slightly bigger than the company's flagship netbook, the NB100. The T110 has a 11.6-inch screen while the T130 has a 13.3-inch one. Both should be able to display 1366x768 pixels.

The T110 weighs 1.58Kg and the T130 should tip the scale at around 1.8Kg. Both are available in black, red or white and at their thinnest, measure just 22.2mm. Toshiba also promises up to 11 hours worth of work on one single battery charge on the T130.

Both come with a multi touch pad, a webcam with face recognition capabilities, WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI (yippee!!), up to 4GB RAM and 500GB hard disk drive. As expected, none of the pair comes with an optical drive.

Users will be able to choose amongst a variety of processors ranging from a single core Celeron processor to a more powerful dual core Intel Pentium CPU. Clock speeds have not been announced but we suspect they will be around 1.2GHz.

The T130 will cost £429 while the T130 will be priced at £479, which compares well with Apple Macbook Air's £1300. It will be particularly interesting to find out how these compare with Atom based netbooks and whether they will eat into Toshiba's high end Portege range.

Our Comments

They will be available just after Windows 7 is launched (i.e. late October 2009) and are expected to come with Windows 7 Home Premium rather than Starter Edition; that said, Toshiba also presented a Satellite Pro T130 version which came with Windows 7 Professional.

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