iPhone Game Built In 48 Hours

London-based developers ustwo™ have just released a new addictive game that involves a dot in a quest to eat food and avoid poisonous triangles; unsurprisingly the name of the game is dot(tm) or in ustwo's own peculiar verbose .™.

What sets the game apart is the fact that the team behind the app produced it in 48 hours exactly. dottm is part of a suite of iPhone-bound games that will be created within 48 hours and will keep the tempo, style and visual simplicity of first one.

ustwo rejection of superfluous features is similar to 37signals philosophy of building web applications (see Getting Real) and advocates a minimalistic approach to software development.

The game comes after the launch of Steppin™ and MouthOff™ and follows ustwo's £150,000 investment into the application area with a particular approach to app management using what ustwo call iiApps™.

.™ is available from $0.99 and there's a fully functional version of the game online which lacks the most impressive feature of the iPhone one, the accelerometer feature, which is ustwo's own words, adds another dimension to the game.

There's also a video here to illustrate the innovative concept evangelised by ustwo.