Youtube & Google Deliver 10 Billion Videos In August

Web metrics company comScore on Monday claimed that a record number of internet users in the US watched online videos in August with YouTube snaring a majority share of the audience.

A staggering 161 million users in the US logged on to various online video portals during the month, with the total count of the videos viewed reached a whopping 25 billion for the first time, the company said.

Quite unsurprisingly, Google websites came on top of the list of the online video services, and dished up more than 10 billion of the videos viewed by the users in the US, with YouTube representing 99 percent of those.

The search engine giant lured a sizeable 121.4 million viewers, with each of them watching an average of 82 videos in the month.

With 547 million videos (roughly one-twentieth of Google) played by around 55 million US internet users, Microsoft hosted websites managed to grab the second spot in the list.

The list from comScore further included Viacom Inc., with 539 million videos, and Hulu, with 488 million videos, at the third and fourth spots respectively.

Around 82 percent of all the internet users in the US viewed online videos in the month of August, with an average viewing time reaching to 9.7 hours.

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Google has managed a coup de force with Youtube and has been reaping the benefits ever since. It is not surprising that Youtube is one of the most popular websites in the world, above Windows Live and Wikipedia but just behind Yahoo and Facebook according to web analytics firm Alexa.

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