Five Of The Best Freeview Devices In The UK From £9.99

The Freeview retuning process has already started a couple of hours ago and by now millions of users will find that their Freeview boxes may need a few minutes to get up to scratch.

But thousands will also find out that their Freeview STBs no longer work and for them, we've brought together the best Freeview deals we could found after scouring the internet for hours.

The ATMT Digistick DVB-T sticks in any free USB port on your computer and comes with only 90 days warranty. But it costs only £9.99 from Bigpockets, has an external antenna and a superb credit card size remote control.

The Digistick is not compatible with Vista, doesn't connect straight to a television set and needs a pretty well placed aerial to get the best of it. But it is near impossible to beat at this price.

If you need one box by the end of the day, then you have just over 10 hours to get yourself this incredible Freeview recorder for little more than what you would pay for a simple Freeview recorder.

For £50, Bofffer is selling a Wharfdale Twin Tuner PVR recorder with one year warranty and brand new. You can record two channels at the same time and it has a 320GB hard disk drive. Play sells the 250GB version for £87.

Playstation 3 owners might try the PS3 Go Play Freeview TV Tuner which allows you to receive Freeview channels through your favourite gaming console.

PlayTV will allow the user to watch, pause, rewind and record digital television when connected the PS3 - even record programmes; a boon if you have the 250GB PS3 Slim model. The content can also be exported to Sony's own PSP. It is available for only £40 fromArgos.

In the world of Freeview PVR's, two names always appear to be head and shoulders above the rest. Topfield and Humax. You can get a 500GB Toppy PVR with Twin Tuner from SVP for as little as £180.

Apart from the HDMI port which allows 1080i upscaling, you have a USB port which you can use to connect the device to your PC, an optical digital audio socket plus a complete Apps marketplace à la iPhone.

Should you prefer Humax PVRs, it is on sale on Humax's website for £215 and comes with two year onsite warranty and with roughly the same functionality as its rival.

Last but not least, Goodmans has a fantastic DVD/Freeview/micro HiFi all in one system that's available for only £99.

It comes with five satellite speakers and one subwoofer and a full array of features including Freeview. It is not a personal video recorder but aside from that, is a fantastic bargain.