Google Soft-launches Wave To 100,000 Beta Testers

Google all in one real time communication and collaboration solution, Wave, will be opened to 100,000 beta testers in a few minutes as the search giant probes developers and early adopters for clues about how Wave will be received when it rolls out.

The promising platform which was first presented in May 2009 promises to allow users to share content and files seamlessly. The initial batch of participants will be able to invite a number of friends, family members and colleagues to join in.

Wave appears to be a much improved version of iGoogle with added interactivity and much more features; in effect, it could well be your Google Dashboard for the next few years.

Wave is still some way off being rolled out globally, Google has acknowledged, citing missing features like the ability to remove a participant from what it calls "a wave" or the ability to manage groups of users and the draft mode that's present in Gmail.

The user interface resembles that of a traditional email client with three columns that has a navigation, inbox, files and contact list. Google previewed Wave in Chrome but it is likely that the service will be available on other browsers.

Google has also published six featured extensions which ranges from a simple Sudoku puzzle application to a more useful AccuWeather Wave Gadget; there are also plans by big names like SAP or Salesforce to roll out solutions for Wave.

This means that Wave will be more than just a pretty face and that Google could potentially integrate Wave with Chrome OS. You can watch the 81 minutes video of Google I/O 2009 where Wave was announced.

Our Comments

Wave could potentially be one of Google's most important projects to date, far bigger than Gmail and on par with Search. This uber-aggregator looks like a Web OS for browsers and could facilitate the roll out by Google of more elaborate applications.

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