LG GD510 Pop Smartphone To Come With Solar Powered Charger

LG has unveiled the new GD510 Pop smartphone which looks a lot like the successor for the popular Viewty handset and on top of that it comes with an optional solar powered charger.

The Korean manufacturer appears to have rethought the traditional form factor of its successful range of touchscreen devices. For example, the Pop has a button on the right rather than in the middle of the handset.

The GD510 also comes with a 3-inch WQVGA screen surrounded by a thin aluminium bezel that makes it appear expensive without being posh. LG claims that it is the most compact 3-inch touchscreen in the world.

The rest of the specification is pretty mundane. No WiFi or 3G, a 3-megapixel camera without flash or autofocus, 8GB internal memory (which pretty much precludes the need for a microSD slot).

There's also that special back that can provide the user with 60 seconds worth of talktime for every 4 minutes under the sun; you will have to fork out £30 for the accessory though.

Expect the phone to appear in the UK as early as next month with widespread on all major networks either direct or through Carphone Warehouse.

Our Comments

The GD510 is clearly targeting the bottom end of the market where the Viewty is currently located. The Pop can be considered as a cheaper drop in replacement for the Viewty although the latter is significantly better than the GD510. Ultimately, expect the LG510 to be available on PAYG deals and contracts around £12.

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