Palm Upgrades WebOS 1.2, Drops iTunes Synchronisation

Palm has introduced the latest iteration of its smartphone platform, WebOS 1.2, which will add a number of additional features to the Palm Pre handset including the ability to synchronize information with a user’s LinkedIn profile and download files directly through the phone’s browser.

The update will also allow Pre users to seamlessly download music through Amazon’s online music store, cut and paste emails and web pages and dial phone numbers directly from the phone’s calendar application.

The dogged smartphone manufacturer has also included a range of enterprise features in this update, which clearly point out Palm intention to actively promote its Pre handset amongst business users, the same audience as RIM's Blackberry.

Some of these features include the enforcement of security policies which accessing Microsoft Exchange accounts, ability to search through emails, get directions from Google Maps and transfer of contacts to Toyota and Lexus car kits.

Users will also be able to store their credit card information in their profiles and thus paves the way for the introduction of paid Apps on the Palm application portal; however the new update lacks synchronisation with Apple’s iTunes.

The new update also comes with the ability to reinstall applications, that users have previously purchased, for free if they accidentally delete them from their Pre.

Our Comments

Web OS 1.2 will hopefully give a kick to Pre sales and comes just a few weeks before O2 starts selling the Pre in the UK. Not surprisingly, Palm has chosen wisely not to incur the wrath of Apple by implementing iTunes synchronisation again. This allows Amazon to sign another platform (after Android) to sell its MP3 tracks.

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