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5 Ways To Get Windows 7 Home Premium Cheap

Tesco, the giant retailer whose tagline is "every little help" is doing its bit to ensure that Windows 7 Home Premium becomes a phenomenal success. It is selling the operating system for as little as £44.97 when you use the voucher code TDX-DRET.

The price includes free standard delivery and 98 clubcard points worth 98p. Bear in mind though that this is a pre-order item that will be shipped on 21/10/2009 and this item will be delivered the next day.

Tesco has also confirmed that this will be for home delivery only, which means that you won't be able to collect from stores. The special price is only valid for Windows 7 Home Premium and no other Windows 7 versions. #

In addition, we don't know whether Tesco will keep the price down until Windows 7 Home Premium is launched on the 22nd of October (ed: as of 20th October 2009, Tesco has hiked the price of this version of Windows 7 to £149).

Amazon used to sell Windows 7 Home Premium for quite cheap but then hiked the price to £64.99 including delivery. Still it is one of UK's cheapest price if you exclude Tesco's offer. Amazon also offers a pre-order guarantee which can come handy.

Unfortunately, a loophole that allowed punters to buy the upgrade version of the Windows OS for only £60.75, has been closed. Another popular e-tailer, Dabs, sells the same operating system for £64.68 including delivery, a few pennies less than at Amazon.

Company Schemes are quite popular provided you know where to look. If you work for the public sector, the NHS and some companies, you could be eligible for some significant saving on Microsoft products, which would allow you to buy Windows 7 Home Premium at launch.

The NHS for example has an employee purchase programme which allows you to purchase Office 2007 for as low as £9.

Although Windows 7 is not currently listed, one can expect very deep discounts to be applied provided you are a registered staff with a NHS email.

You can find more about the benefit offered by Microsoft through their employee purchase program (EPP) schemes or ask the person responsible for your IT purchases whether your company is part of any EPP scheme. See for more details.

CEX (short for Computer exchange) is a pawning shop specialised in technology, mobiles and games. The recession means that business is thriving. The outfit is currently selling various versions of Windows Vista for as little as £40.

It is likely that when Windows 7 Home Premium is launched, it will attract the same prices; it will be ideal for users who will upgrade from Windows 7 RC in March 2010 and who will pick up legitimate Windows 7 copies from others who have been disappointed by Microsoft's newest OS.

Ebay, the world's biggest auction website, is still another place where you can get Windows 7 Home Premium for relatively cheap.

At the time of writing, the cheapest we could get the Operating system was £64.98 including delivery (using the buy it now option), which is still more expensive than the Tesco offer but which could possibly be a failback option should everything else go berserk.

In addition, you can always try your luck with traditional bidding auctions rather than buy it now and chances are that you will get Windows 7 Home Premium even lower.

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