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Google Wave Attracts Wrong Sort Of Crowd Already

Taking advantage of the increasing interest in Google Wave, cyber criminals have started using black hat SEO techniques to lure visitors to malicious websites.

Cyber criminals have reportedly targeted keywords related to Google Wave such as "Google wave demo video" and "Google Wave invitation" and have managed to get a number of malicious websites in the search results.

Once a visitor reaches a malicious site, the cyber criminals then try to steal the personal information of the user and use it for their own benefits.

It is important to note that Google Wave has managed to generate a huge interest amongst technology enthusiasts and invitations to this service were also put on sale on eBay for a significant price.

Google incidentally has sent out invites to around 100,000 people to try out the new service which essentially combines instant messaging, group collaboration, social networking and many other features.

Users can also join a group of other users or wave as Google calls it share their documents and work together in a collaborative manner.

Though Google Wave has been a primary target in recent day, such black hat SEO techniques have also been used on terms related Microsoft Security Essentials and Apple iPhone.

Our Comments

This, we reckon, is a byproduct of success. Google though is quite effective at squashing those kinds of threats by blocking access to these malevolent websites. The only thing missing from Google for the time being is some sort of voting solution à la Digg which would ensure that such websites are eliminated once and for all.

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