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Microsoft Kickstarts Windows 7 Logo Scheme As Launch Looms

Microsoft has rolled out its Windows 7 logo program which will certify accessories that have been tested with the Windows 7 operating system and have passed a series of compatibility tests.

Incidentally the specified requirements for securing the Windows 7 compatibility label are more stringent as compared to the Vista logo program and it makes 64 bit support mandatory.

The Windows compatibility label basically aims at preventing consumers from ending up with products which do not run properly on Microsoft's new operating system (although that doesn't mean that a Windows 7 compliant product will work with Windows XP or Vista and vice versa).

This time around, Microsoft is keen to avoid the issues it encountered with the Vista logo program wherein many products were certified as Vista compliant even though they did not meet the specified standards.

This eventually led to widespread dissatisfaction with the Vista operating system. In an effort to make the rollout of Windows 7 as smooth as possible, Microsoft has also granted access to its partners for testing the Windows 7 operating system much earlier than it did with Vista.

Expressing his views on the Windows 7 logo program, Mark Relph, a senior director with the Windows Product Strategy Group promised in a blog post that "Devices that carry the logo will work seamlessly, for example, a digital camera will automatically transfer photos or a wireless router will easily be set up in minutes and you can add a wireless device to Windows 7 that has received the logo in seconds".

Our Comments

Good news although, it has to be said, there's not much to be said about compatibility issues with Windows 7. Of the dozens of peripherals I've plugged into my Windows 7 devices, only one, a 10 year old scanner, failed to be recognised because of a lack of drivers. All applications I threw at Windows 7 basically worked without issues.

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