Microsoft To Launch Xbox 360 Lips Game On 23rd Of October

Microsoft will be launching a new version of its singing games Lips on the 23rd of October, one day after Windows 7 officially launches worldwide "Lips: Number One Hits".

The sing-along-cum-karaoke package was previewed in central London tonight with an exclusive performance by James Morrison. He performed his number one hit "Broken Strings" which is featured in Lips.

Developed by iNis, the software giant's direct answer to Singstar on Sony Playstation was originally launched last year and the new version comes with 40 songs rather than the original 30 tracks.

Lips comes with two wireless motion-sensitive microphones and costs £50. The game alone will carry a recommended retail price of £35. All the 40 hits will come with music videos as well.

As with most Xbox 360 games, Lips allows you to compete with your friends over the Xbox Live. Microsoft is also planning an X-factor like competition with a dedicated website called (which unfortunately was offline).

It is not known whether, like the old edition, the game will allow users to use their own music from a CD or from an iPod. Furthermore, it would be great if Microsoft came up with a paid-for song-on-demand service.