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O2 To Launch HTC HD2 Smartphone, Comes With Xbox 360 Technology?

O2 might have lost the iPhone exclusivity but the mobile phone network is making sure that it is capturing as many potential rivals as possible; the latest is the HTC HD2 also known as Leo, a Windows mobile based smartphone.

(Picture courtesy of Engadget (opens in new tab)). The HD2, which is set to be launched as early as the 12th of October with T-Mobile expected to debut it fairly soon. The smartphone comes with some very impressive features apart from the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system (coupled with the TouchFlo 3D interface).

First and foremost, there's that 4.3-inch LCD WVGA screen (that's 800x480 pixels) that literally dwarfs the iPhone's. Expect it to be a capacitive model and from what the photos leaked the HD2 has a rather thin bezel, which made us smile rather than grin.

But the beauty of the HD2 lies inside with an incredibly fast Snapdragon processor courtesy of Qualcomm and expected to run at 1GHz. Benchmarks carried out by WMPoweruser found out that the HD2 was 360 percent faster than the HD Touch HD, itself not a limp smartphone.

We've also found out that the HTC Leo will be using the AMD Z430 which is a graphics core launched last year that is based on Xenos, the GPU that powers the Xbox 360 console.

To make things even better, the HD2 carries a 5-megapixel camera complete with dual LED flash, 320MB RAM, Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G and A-GPS plus a microSD card slot hidden somewhere.

Our Comments

We can foresee only two issues. The first is the battery life, while it is great to have a very fast CPU, it is near useless if it sucks battery life like a editor downs lager on a Friday night. Furthermore, Windows can really be resource hungry even on a powerful machine. Toshiba's TG01 had roughly the same configuration but was let down by the OS.

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