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UK Broadband Not Ready For Future Applications Reckons Cisco

UK needs to ramp up the rolling out of its next generation network to cater for future web-related needs according to the results of a study commissioned by Cisco and carried out by the Saïd Business School.

The global research ranked UK as the 25th nation in the world (out of 66) when it came to broadband quality and reach, behind east European countries like Lithuania, Estonia, Slovenia and Latvia.

Overall, only South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Sweden, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Latvia, The Netherlands, Denmark and Romania were singled out as having the necessary broadband infrastructure for future web applications that includes high definition TV streaming and high quality video communications.

The study qualifies UK's broadband as being one which "meets needs for today" with average speeds in the UK being less than 5mbps. In July, Ofcom revealed that the average broadband speed in April 2009 in the UK was 4.1mbps, less than the global average of 4.75mbps.

In comparison, the Korean government has already said that it is aiming to provide its users with broadband speeds of up to 1gbps (ed: shall we call it superwideband instead?) which is 500 times more than the minimum universal speed proposed by the current UK government.

The first three nations, which are all in Asia, fared the best globally after Cisco carried out 24 million broadband speed measurements via

Joanne Hughes, Cisco's Communication Manager, said: 'It can be a bit misleading to look at the rankings. The important thing is whether the broadband quality of a country is good enough for today's needs and the UK falls well within this category."

She added that "We forecast the UK will improve because of things such as cable networks being upgraded and the Digital Britain report focusing on next-generation access."

Our Comments

Cisco's interest obviously lies in the fact that it is in the race, with its other telecommunications rivals, to provide the equipment to make internet access in the UK, much faster. It is a shame though that internet speeds are not faster but who knows, maybe LTE will change all this.

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