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Zimbra Introduced Updated Open Source Collaboration Suite

In a move aimed at increasing its competitiveness against Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes, Zimbra has introduced the latest iteration of its open source email and collaboration suite called Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) 6.0.

The new release comes with a host of features that are designed to make ZCS more attractive to enterprise customers; these include a new social media mashup called Zimlet and a hierarchical administration feature.

Currently ZCS 6 is available in two distinct editions, one open source which is basically aimed at small business users while the other is a much elaborate paid network version which offers synchronisation option with Microsoft Exchange and Blackberry handsets.

It is interesting to note that Zimbra, which incidentally is owned by Yahoo, has been a subject of persistent rumours which have suggested that the dogged internet portal plans to sell off the company.

Zimbra currently claims to host nearly 50 million paid mailboxes and it has recorded a stellar growth of over 100 percent since January this year when its mailbox count stood at nearly 20 million mailboxes.

Many analysts believe that Zimbra is an appreciating asset for Yahoo and any decisions to sell it off stems from Yahoo’s plans to streamline its operations and its apparent lack of expertise in selling enterprise software.

Our Comments

Zimbra is an interesting product indeed and a living proof that even an Open source company can generate significant revenues given the right opportunities. The Yahoo-owned company considers itself as a leader in next-generation messaging and collaboration and if Yahoo wants to sell it, it is likely that it will attract a number of potential suitors (Salesforce for e.g.)

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