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Opinion : Sony Should Launch A PSP Go Phone

There's no denying that the PSP Go, Sony's newest portable gaming console, looks a lot like a touchscreen smartphone (think Blackberry Storm) when it is closed.

It makes us wonder what it would take from the Japanese consumer electronics giant to offer one version that comes with the features you'd expect to find on an iPhone and more.

Sony could enlist the help of Sony Ericsson to build what become that elusive Playstation Phone. Adding 3G capabilities and a capable mobile operating system to the phone shouldn't be a problem; from LiMo to Android, the choice is vast.

The PSP Go already comes with a 3.8-inch, 480x272 pixels, LCD screen, swapping it for a touchscreen version should neither be complicated nor expensive and would offer a much bigger viewing screen than most of its rivals

In a similar way, the rest of the configuration would possibly need to be changed as well. The 333MHz processor from MIPS is significantly underpowered compared to say, the 1GHz Qualcomm ARM-based Snapdragon processor.

The PSP Go already comes with WiFi (albeit the slow type) and offers M2 memory storage rather than the traditional microSD. Sony already has in the Playstation Network, a potent rival to Apple's iTunes and App Store.

Even if the phone cost $500 without subsidies (roughly half the price of the iPhone), it would surely become a hit even if it cost twice that of the new PS3 Slim console.

But most importantly, the Playstation brand is ingrained in the minds of millions of gamers and is synonymous with "great" gaming experience for many.

The PSP Go was build first and foremost for gamers, with fantastic controls and great games to kick off. Therefore, a PSP Go Phone is likely to benefit from a massive goodwill capital that could match the iPhone.

Our Comments

Sony has started a worrying trend with the PSP Go. They removed UMD compatibility from the PSP Go which means that you won't be able to use old games or old accessories as well. You can only download content from the Playstation store. Sony has also scrapped the mini USB connection and replaced it by a proprietary connector.

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