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Sony PSP GO Console Now Available From £199.99

The PSP GO can be purchased for as little as £199.99 including delivery, a £25 drop from Sony's suggested retail price equivalent to a rather unconventional 11 percent saving. has the black version in stock (opens in new tab) while HMV has the white version ready for dispatch (opens in new tab). Surprisingly for a new gaming console, there seems to be plenty of stock around and the fact that the price of the PSP has already been slashed at launch indicate that there are doubts as to whether the PSP Go will be a major success.

Furthermore, the PSP 3000 and the PSP Slim & lite are still being sold at £140 and £130 respectively, a significant discount from the price of the Sony PSP GO.

Retailers might also be reluctant to push the PSP Go because they know they won't get revenue generated by the sales of UMD-based games. Sony has decided that the Playstation Network would be the only content provider for the PSP GO by eliminating support for UMD from the latter.

PSP Go was launched three months ago at E3 and as early as June 2009 independent UK game retailers were "downbeat" on Sony's PSP Go release with some saying they had yet to get pre-orders for the portable game console.

Ironically, some analysts have mentioned that the PSP Go may possibly cost LESS to produce than the PSP 3000 because it has a smaller screen, doesn't need a reader and Sony has cut the middlemen (retailers etc) by using PSN.

Our Comments

As we wrote earlier today, we'd be rather happy if Sony launched a PSP Go Phone and charged even $500 for it. Sony should adopt the same strategy as the PS3 gaming console by adding as many features as possible to make up for the high price.

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