Twitter To Introduce Friends Lists Feature Soon

Twitter has come up with a new feature which essentially makes it easier for its users to track the people they wish to follow on Twitter by neatly grouping them in lists.

Twitter believes that its new feature called Lists can play an important role in facilitating people to discover new accounts and great tweets.

Giving an hint on how the List feature can be used in practice, Nick Kallen, who heads the project at Twitter mentioned in a blog post "For example, you could create a list of the funniest Twitter accounts of all time, athletes, local businesses, friends or any compilation that makes sense"

Though the Lists can be kept as private, they would be public by default, since the basic purpose of this feature is to help the discovery of interesting accounts.

Of late Twitter has been trying hard to increase its microblogging service by introducing a series of new features in a bid to make its platform more attractive to its users in light of increasing competition in the microblogging arena.

Recently, Facebook had launched a Twitter like feature called Tag and with the search engine giant Google rolling out its collaborative platform called Google Wave, Twitter seems to have stir the competition's interest.

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Twitter is also planning to launch a Labs section to demonstrate forthcoming features. As for the Lists Feature, it is one which other Twitter third party applications have introduced. It would make sense if the microblogging giant acquired one of them although it will send teh wrong signal to the crowd of followers.

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