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Console Wars : Amazon Slashes Nintendo Wii To £140

Amazon has slashed the price of the popular Nintendo Wii gaming console to £139.99, a saving of £60 off the official price, one that includes free delivery in the UK.

Most other retailers like Argos are currently stocking the console for £180. Last month, Nintendo said that it would cut back the price of its console in the UK to that price after increasing it back in March 2009 to £200.

Amazon's offer is quite generous with up to five units available per household to prevent any abuse and allow as many customers as possible to buy the console.

Apart from the Wii Sports, the game console also includes a wireless Wii Remote and one Nunchuk. Because of the recent cuts in price from the console's main rival, Sony's Playstation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360, Nintendo has bundled the Motion Plus Peripheral and a couple of games in the new "basic" pack. So clearly Amazon's offering is a notch down.

Prospective buyers will get two selected games for free when buying a Nintendo Wii Console with Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort plus the Motion Plus Controller from Amazon.

Our Comments

£140 for the Nintendo Wii Console with more than two months left for Christmas is an excellent price. Will this give rise for further cuts in prices? Highly unlikely but then, we were taken by surprise by this latest - and massive - price drop.

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