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Ballmer Says Windows 7 Will Save £100 Per PC

Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft, is touting the forthcoming Windows 7 as a potential money saver with businesses saving as much as £100 per installation according to the chief supremo of the world's largest software company.

To get the most benefits (and savings), businesses will have to deploy Windows 2008 R2 - on their servers - and Windows 7 on their desktops and client machines since some of Windows 7 biggest saving features can only work in conjunction with Windows Server 2008.

Both operating systems will be released later this month with a number of corporations like BT expected to deploy Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 on tens of thousands of desktops, laptops and servers over the next few months.

Most of the cost savings would stem from easier PC management capabilities in Windows 7 as well as simplified processes and integrated security features. Microsoft's head honcho was speaking at an event in London that brought together some of the biggest customers of the company.

Ballmer said that Windows 7 beta has been (and is still being) tested by more than eight million people worldwide with nearly 10 percent located in the UK alone with some local organisations saving north of £120 per computer.

He also said that when Windows 7 first started life as an internal project, shortly after Vista was launched three years ago, the current recession was still quite far away but proved to be a major force that helped forge Windows 7.

Our Comments

Many would argue that there's no reason to move to Windows 7, especially if you are using Windows XP. The fact that computers are still working with Windows Vista operating systems with Windows XP downgrade shows that there is still a strong demand for a ten-year old operating system. Plus there's always Linux but that's another story altogether.

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