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McAfee To Offer Unlimited Online Backup Service

Leading antivirus vendor McAfee has rolled out an unlimited backup service that offers it customers the ability to store their data online for just $59.99 a year.

The new backup service from McAfee comes with a host of features which includes options for automatic backups, secured transfer and encrypted storage besides offering unlimited storage.

However one must note that the actual performance of the service will also be dependent on the user’s internet connection speed and the ISP provider (ed: as well as whether you have an unlimited download service or not).

Though the service for now has been initiated in US, McAfee plans to introduce it to a host of countries including Britain, Australia, France, Germany, China, Japan to a name a few in the fourth quarter.

The still to be named offer comes with a easy to use software which offers a wide set of customisable options like the Bandwidth Throttle which specifies the portion of Internet connection that can be used for data upload.

There's also "Backup Speed" which allows the user to configure the speed at which backups should be made depending on the performance of the system he wants to maintain.

Online remote storage services have been vogue for some time now and one has to wait and see if McAfee is able to grab a significant part of this market by offering unlimited storage.

Our Comments

We were initially chuffed by the announcement until we learnt that McAfee is partnering with Mozy, a subsidiary of EMC. Now there's nothing wrong with that except that Mozy already has a similar package for $4.95 per month which is essentially the same thing. Furthermore, if your needs are not so high, you could always go for the 2GB version which is free.

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