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£899 Panasonic Viera TX-P50U10B Plasma 1080p 50 Inch TV + FREE TV Stand

The Panasonic TX-P50U10B 50 inch plasma brings big screen thrills to your living room. Its 1080p Full HD resolution means you’ll enjoy the best possible picture when connected to a high definition source. It’s also perfectly suited to fast-moving action scenes thanks to a 100Hz frame rate.

The integrated digital tuner provides access to all free-to-air digital channels and you can plan your viewing with an electronic programme guide. The 2 HDMI sockets allow you to hook-up your Blu-ray player, PVRs or games consoles with ease. You can view a slideshow of your photos - just remove the SD memory card from your digital still camera, and slip it in the memory card slot.

This television is ‘high definition ready’ which means it has the ability to display high definition signals with the addition of a separate HD receiver. HD broadcasts are at a much higher resolution than regular analogue or digital broadcasts and have greatly enhanced picture quality. The level of detail is astonishing with clearer, sharper and more vibrant images.

1080p is the purest form of high definition that a television can display. This leads to a smoother, more film-like image, which will satisfy sports and movie lovers alike. With a 1080p signal, the information that makes up an image is displayed “progressively” or all at once, rather than in an “interlaced” fashion.

You can buy this Panasonic Viera TX-P50U10B for £899.

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