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AVG Releases New Antivirus Package

Leading antivirus vendor, AVG has unveiled the latest iteration of its antivirus and spyware scanner which comes loaded with a host of new features and improvements

The company claims that the version 9 of its AVG Anti-Virus and AVG Internet Security applications offers a shortened installation process, reduces scan times by up to 50 percent while improving the memory usage.

The Internet Security version also includes a built in firewall and utilizes a new database called TrustedDB to determine certain programs; in addition also comes with an upgraded Link scanner which is designed to block phishing attacks.

An innovative feature introduced in the new version is the Identity Theft Recovery Unit which is offered in partnership with Identity Guard and is basically aimed at protecting consumer identity.

Expressing his views over the new offering, AVG chief exec, J.R Smith mentioned “AVG 9.0 will provide home computer users with a more powerful and more streamlined solution that adds protection without impacting user experience, taking us back to our core strength of low impact, high performance security.”

AVG has long been recognised for offering a free antivirus version to home users and it is likely to pass on many of these improved features in the free version of AVG 9 which is likely to come out some time later this month.

The application is launched against the backdrop of Microsoft's latest Security Essentials package which was sent only a few days ago.

Our Comments

AVG needs to up the ante as it faces the biggest threat for some time. The arrival of the proverbial 900-Lb gorilla in the form of Microsoft's Security Essentials, is likely to cause the consumer security market to change dramatically over the next few years. Expect a wave of mergers and acquisitions to occur.

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