Digg Founder Confirms iPhone App For Soon

Two journalists managed to trick Kevin Rose, the founder of popular social bookmarking website, Digg, into revealing that the company was developing a new application for the iPhone.

Rose was caught off-guard while making a guest appearance in London during the Future of Web Apps conference after the pair of bloggers saw him playing around with the application.

A Digg application would certainly be a welcomed addition to the range of tools offered by the website. One can expect that Digg will also be releasing the application on other mobile platforms as well.

The application is also bound to have a built-in browser because the iPhone can only run one application at a time (ed : that would then be a Digg browser).

There is already a mobile version of the website which functions on any browser but it is likely that the iPhone app goes well beyond the capabilities of the mobile version.

Kevin Rose also revealed that Digg is planning to increase the number of sub-sections within the website to ensure that more topics get shown, thereby ensuring that only the best articles arrive on the front page.

Our Comments

We fail to see how an iPhone App would be significantly different from a web browser opening the mobile Digg home page. Digg was designed to be consumed over the web and the mobile website offers a number of features including the top five comments and permalink pages already.

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