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Vonage Offers Voice Over IP App For Smartphones

In an attempt to take on its competitors like Comcast, leading Internet telephony company Vonage Holdings Corp has rolled out its plans to offer international phone calls at discounted rates to iPhone and BlackBerry smartphone users

The company claims that iPhone and Blackberry users can look to save nearly 50 percent for calls they make to around a dozen countries if they download a free Vonage app available for both the smartphones.

Expressing his satisfaction at the new development, Vonage Chief Exec, Marc Lefar said that "It's an important first step for us. It moves us from the home platform. Over the long term mobile is absolutely a critical place for Vonage to be competing."

The service will be available on BlackBerry users irrespective of their telecom providers while in case of iPhone in US, the service will be limited to AT&T subscribers only.

Though computer based international calling services have been in vogue for many years, their success over mobile web has been limited, primarily because when a person calls an international line they also at the same time end up using local call minutes.

Vonage however claims that due to its attractive call rates, its consumers will still make substantial savings on international calls though its app, even while using up minutes of local calls.

Our Comments

Interesting to find out what networks will say about that. Essentially Vonage is taking away revenues from the networks by reducing the cost of international calls. Skype also is trying to break into the market of VoIP over mobile networks but has unsurprisingly struggled to convince mobile operators

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