Windows Mobile 6.5 Reviews : Too Little, Too Late

Microsoft's unveiling of Windows Mobile 6.5 has been understandably low-key as the software giant is not used to being left so much behind by rivals on its own turf, operating systems.

On its own, Windows Mobile 6.5 is a decent platform. But compared to others currently on the market - LiMo, iPhone, RIM, WebOS, Android, Symbian and others - it cruelly lacks some significant firepower.

No wonder therefore that many of the biggest technology news websites have sunk Windows Mobile 6.5 on the very day it is released. Yes, Windows Mobile 6.5 has officially become the equivalent of Vista For Phones!

Techcrunch says that it sucks and feels as if it was designed by a bunch of modders and amateurs rather than coming from a team of corporate developers. The author pretty much hated everything that it had to offer except the lock screen.

Engadget argues that 6.5 won't win a single user for the platform and will even humble the mightiest hardware platform on which it will run.

The Toshiba TG01 for example was let down by Windows Mobile 6.1 (which is essentially Windows Mobile 6.5 without the bells and whistles) despite having a 1GHz Chipset.

Finally, Gizmodo reckons that there's simply no excuse for Windows 6.5. Microsoft has been given enough chances, they say, to produce a decent product. But what was delivered feels superficial, an interim product that's a "vain attempt.". Ouch!

Our Comments

Three things we've learnt from this quasi fiasco. Microsoft is taking way to long to roll out updates. Mobile IS not Desktop where new OSes can be released every three years. Microsoft needs to be competitive again and the best things in Windows Mobile 6.5 actually lies outside (like Myphone and marketplace)

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