Google Debunks Browser Myths With Whatbrowser Website

Google has released a new website called which provides the user with a short, self-explanatory introduction to the world of browser and was presented yesterday by Jason Toff, Associate Product Marketing Manager at Google.

Created by Mr Toff, the website aims at providing with more information about browsers, allowing people to see which browser they use, explore links to browser diagnostic tests (read, benchmarking websites) and catch up with some really useful tips.

Surprisingly, Toff links out to other competing websites like Internet Explorer (Blasphemy!), Firefox, Safari and even Opera. But IMHO, the fact that the website tends to mix Javascript benchmarks while teaching the reader what a browser is, is a a little confusing.

Betanews reckons that this might be Google's equivalent of the browser ballot box (BBB) that Microsoft has successfully managed to push on Windows.

Finally, there's a nice little video from Youtube that describes the most important piece of software on your computer and no, it is not a search engine or an operating system (ed: why is Opera left out of the video?).

Our Comments

It is absolutely true that many users do not know what the difference is between a browser and a piece of software. You'd be surprised by the number of people who actually use the search field as the address bar and search for a URL rather than get the browser to fetch the website's page.

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