More Than Half Of US Employers Ban Myspace, Twitter & Facebook

A recent survey has revealed that a majority of employers in the US are simply not in favour of letting their employees access social networking websites while at work.

The survey, commissioned by the California-based staffing firm Robert Half Technology, included 1,400 chief information officers (CIOs) of companies with more than 100 employees.

As many as 54 percent of those surveyed said their companies have prohibited their staffers from using social networking websites, including Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, during office hours.

However, around 19 percent of companies allowed social networking for official purposes only, and 16 percent permitted it for restricted personal use only.

Nonetheless, 10 percent of companies were still found to be liberal about social networking consumption and allowed their workers to use these websites for any form of personal use (ed : as long as it was within company regulations presumably).

Dave Willmer, executive director of Robert Half Technology, said in a statement: “Using social networking sites may divert employees’ attention away from more pressing priorities, so it’s understandable that some companies limit access”.

Reacting to why around one in five companies are still permitting their employees to accessing social networking sites at office, Willmer said, “For some professions, however, these sites can be leveraged as effective business tools”.

The survey clearly marks the soaring discontent of employers over the staggering use of the websites, particularly Twitter and Facebook, by their employees while at workplace.

Our Comments

There is likely to be a backslash against the use of social networking websites in businesses across the UK. Visiting these websites in themselves do not have measurable value for most companies and instead can prove to be very time consuming (and costly) as office hours are diverted to not so useful tasks.

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