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Palm To Unveil WebOS Developer Scheme In December

Palm seems all set to challenge Apple’s dominance in the smartphone domain, as the company has announced the launch of a WebOS developer program, which will enable developers to distribute more easily their applications in the market.

The smartphone maker is vowing to provide with an “unparallel level of transparency”, allowing developers to have enhanced control in promoting and boosting their businesses.

The company said the process will just require developers to submit their apps to a review procedure if they want their app to be made available via the App Catalog, which is developed for devices with WebOS.

The program, which is expected to launch in December this year, would see a more transparent arrangement of division of profits, with the developers will be getting 70 percent of the profits share after tax.

However, developers would just need to pay $99 as annual fee to become a member of the program.

Katie Mitic, senior VP of product marketing at Palm, said in a statement: “Our program will be unlike anything currently available and has been established to promote a thriving community by giving developers direct involvement in their own success.

Incidentally, back in August, Palm let developers to start submitting their apps for inclusion in its signature App Catalog, and thereby signalled the offering of a highly lucrative proposition to developers.

Our Comments

Palm is following the footsteps of others into trying to build a complete ecosystem. Sadly, it might be a matter of too little too late combined with a chicken and egg issue. Developers won't necessarily want to code for a platform that has less than one million users compared to Android smartphone or Apple's iPhone.

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