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Motorola To Wait For Windows Mobile 7, Concentrates On Android

After Sony Ericsson has made it somewhat clear that it’s giving up on Windows Mobile operating system, Motorola seems to be another big mobile company to follow the trend.

Christy Wyatt, VP of software platform at the world’s fourth largest mobile phone maker, asserted that the company has no plans to back the existing generation of Microsoft’s mobile phone operating system.

However, Wyatt pointed out that the company would wait for the next iteration Windows Mobile 7, which is seemed to be a major, updated version of the OS and expected to hit the floor somewhere in the second half of the next year.

It seems that Motorola is heavily banking upon Google’s Android platform, and the company is organising MotoDev Summit to come up with strategies to make it easier for developers to create apps and programs for the company’s Android-powered smartphones.

Motorola’s chief executive Sanjay Jha said that the company is planning to launch its second Android-based handset by the end of this year, and several industry resources anticipate it to land on Verizon Wireless.

Motorola has been struggling hard to restore its previous reputation in the mobile handsets arena, as the company has seen a really miserable couple of years, and saw a significant drop both in its revenues and units sold.

Our Comments

Does Motorola really have the choice? They've got limited resources as well as a few months to make their presence felt in the high end part of the market where Apple's iPhone is reigning supreme. The Dext with Motoblur interface has been a disappointment so far and we can't really see how it will manage to challenge the other iPhone competitors.

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