Sony Reveals Vaio L Series Touchscreen PC

After the rather impressive Vaio X laptop which Sony calls the lightest laptop ever, the Japanese manufacturer has presented a stunning touchcreen computer called the Vaio L.

This all-in-one computer has a huge 24-inch touch capable display - based on the CE giant own X-Black technology - that can show 1920x1080 pixels (full HD) and comes with a HDMI port. Obviously, the device has been launched with Windows 7 in mind and will be available o sale from the 22nd of October.

The slimline desktop will be on sale for around $1300 (roughly £900) and will target multimedia fans primarily who may want to wall mount the monitor. Amongst the numerous features available are a TV tuner, a Quad-core Intel processor, Wireless networking, a Geforce GT210M GPU.

Unfortunately, Sony has decided that the keyboard and the mouse, though perfectly adequate, should be used on a table or desk rather than in a lounge. Otherwise, you will also be able to add a remote control, a Blu-ray slot in drive and one TB worth of internal storage.

Sony went beyond the normal call of duty and included a number of proprietary innovations like the Multiple Lamp Technology which improves movies and video content, Vaio Movie Story to help you create these movies and even the mobile-bound SensMe technology to adapt your music tunes to your mood.

Our Comments

That's not all, audiowise, there's a S Master Digital Amplifier plus a pair of 6w speakers integrated into the nice anthracite coloured frame. If only other manufacturers offered similar entertainment hub, the market for HTPC would possibly explode.

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