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Steve Ballmer Candidly Tells It All At London Event

Microsoft’s exuberant chief executive, Steve Ballmer, has pitched hopes for a rather lustrous future of the company and showed huge confidence in Windows 7 as the new shining star.

Mr Ballmer, who took the reins of the world’s largest software company in 2000 from Bill Gates, has been known world over for his down-to-earth statements and flamboyant attitude (ed : including the legendary "developers, developers, developers" video (opens in new tab)).

He is looking forward to Windows 7 as a saviour for the company and has been pouring huge resources to make the launch of the operating system a success story.

This comes after the disappointing response worldwide Windows Vista received at its launch and Microsoft is certainly in no mood to replicate that.

He further admitted that he is missing Bill gates, urging his old friend to lend helping hand and give his valuable suggestions to help the company fare better in tough times. It was only after the exit of Bill Gates the company’s graph started showing downward trend.

The situation seems really challenging for the Microsoft’s boss, as the company is going through its worst period in last 30 years, with the company had already posted its first ever year-on-year drop in revenues and profits and revenues for 23 years.

Commenting upon the ongoing market situation, Ballmer said: “It doesn't look like things are going to change any time soon, and we're planning our cost structure on that basis”.

Our Comments

Microsoft is certainly at the crossroads as technologies that were not even on the radar a decade ago threaten to bring the whole company down sooner rather than later. Google for example wants to eat into Microsoft's online presence while at the same time tear down Microsoft's two cash cows, Office and Windows.

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