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Terracotta Updates Ehcache Cache Management Solution

Terracotta has unveiled a new product called Terracotta for Caching which incorporates technology from its recently acquired Ehcache solution and can offer both simplicity and scalability that most enterprises today are looking from distributed caches.

The company purchased Ehcache with an eye on securing its widely used set of caching APIs that are known for simplifying deployment of server clusters that run on Java virtual machines (JVM).

Most analysts believe that the deal with Ehcache which already has nearly 70 percent share of the Java caching software market made great strategic sense for Terracotta as it now can claim to have the world’s leading distributed caching product line.

Expressing his enthusiasm over the launch of the new product, Ari Zilka, CTO of Terracotta mentioned "Terracotta for Caching extends the popularity and mass adoption of Ehcache to organizations that require distributed caching to support their critical applications."

He added that the solution "provides a simple, non-disruptive upgrade from single-node Ehcache deployment to a multi-node, high throughput, coherent distributed caches."

Some of the key advantages that the new solution offers include greatly reduced response times for Java transactions while the time required for retrieving data from programs running inside JVMs also goes down substantially.

Our Comments

Terracotta products might be very niche but they help power the web as we know it. The firm acquired EhCache back in August 2009 and has been been used in many websites ranging from eCommerce, social networking, online gaming, travel & leisure as well as Financial Services.

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