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Toshiba Partners With Super Talent Over Superfast SSDs

Flash storage specialist Super Talent has announced that it will co-brand its forthcoming SATA UltraDrive DX solid state drives using parts from Japanese manufacturer Toshiba.

The drives come with two level of security that should reduce the probability of unauthorised data theft and loss. The first level is traditional password protection which encrypts the content on the drive.

The second level of protection goes further with hardware data randomisation and happens automatically with every write to the drive. This prevents unauthorised copying of blocks of data by third parties and does not degrade performance as one would have expected.

Furthermore, the UltraDrive DX uses "sophisticated" error correcting codes and "wear leveling" algorithms which basically maintains reliability. It does help as the drive uses MLC NAND rather than the more expensive and more reliable SLC ones.

SuperTalent quotes sequential read speeds of up to 230MBps and sequential write speeds reaching 180MBps; pricing is slightly higher than the competition. The 64GB part costs $219, the 128GB, twice that and the 256GB hits $719 with the 512GB model available for a jaw dropping $1649.

“As the first Toshiba co-branded SSD on the market, UltraDrive DX features a Toshiba controller and Toshiba’s MLC NAND flash memories.The DX provides superb security and reliability features combined with cutting edge performance in both read and write speeds”, explained Super Talent Director of Marketing, Joe James.

Our Comments

The drive is a 2.5-inch model which means that it is destined first and foremost for laptops and slim servers. They will be available from next week and will carry two year warranty. We're not sure that they will be available in the UK; anyhow, Super Talent is a well known niche player.

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