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Windows 8, 9 Details Emerge, Points To 128-bit OS Versions

Microsoft’s Research department has let slipped the details on the next iterations of Windows that will succeed to the yet-to-be-launched Windows 7 operating system, according to media sources.

The leaked data is pointing out that the software giant is planning to incorporate 128-bit compatibility with its future Windows 8 and Windows 9 kernels.

The report is also suggesting that the software maker is joining hands with some of the big players in the industry including, Intel, AMD, HP, and IBM, for developing its new OS.

The leak came into limelight after Robert Morgan, a Microsoft Research employee, left details of his works on the professional social networking website, LinkedIn. He is the latest Microsoft employee to flash it all on the popular professional networking website.

The profile of the senior researcher noted that he has been “working in high security department for research and development involving strategic planning for medium and long term projects. Research & Development projects including 128-bit architecture compatibility with the Windows 8 kernel and Windows 9 project plan”.

Although Morgan’s profile on the website has already been pulled down, a cached version is still available on Google's almighty search database.

Incidentally, on his visit to the UK earlier this week, Microsoft’s chief executive Steve Ballmer revealed that the company is planning for Windows 8, with the OS could hit the floor by 2012.

Our Comments

it is not surprising that Microsoft is planning for the next version of Windows 7 already. After all, developers were already sweating on Windows 7 when Vista was being pimped to manufacturers before it was launched. Windows 8 and Windows 9 are likely to be build using Intel's "Tick, Tock" strategy with Windows 8 being a major OS and Windows 9 a significant improvement upon the former.

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