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Amazon To Launch Kindle DX Worldwide In 2010

Amazon is set to unleash its larger Kindle DX ebook reader globally next year complete with international roaming although anything specific regarding the pricing or the launch date for the UK had yet to be revealed.

Ben Howes, a spokesperson for Amazon, told Electricpig that the larger version of the Kindle 2 would come in 2010, something that another PR spokesperson, Drew Herdener, confirmed to the Register earlier today.

The Kindle DX focuses on a slightly different segment compared to the Kindle 2 due to its bigger 9.7-inch screen and its much higher retail price when it was launched back in May 2009.

The DX came with its fair share of criticisms when it was launched from us and from a bunch of students to whom samples were provided earlier this year.

The current version costs $489 but Amazon normally sells the international version for slightly more because the device needs a GSM/3G module for roaming, something that could push the price up.

It is not known whether the DX will be a UK-specific device as the next Kindle 2 reader will be by next year or whether it will be an international version that will be rolled out across non US territories.

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Amazon also confirmed that it could use an experimental web browsing feature for Non US countries as well and make blogs available internationally, a feature that would place it in direct competition with a potential Apple Tablet PC.

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