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Business People Prefer iPhone According To Survey

In spite of claims made by Apple that its iPhone is not meant for business purposes at all, Apple’s blockbuster smartphone has emerged as the leader in the business smartphone arena, according to a report released by a market research firm.

In a survey, conducted by JD Power and Associates on business users’ satisfaction with their handsets between January and June 2009, the iPhone bagged the top spot, outperforming rivals like RIM BlackBerry, LG, and Samsung.

Factors depicting business user satisfaction include ease of operation, physical design and handling, operating system, features as well as battery functions. On an index score of 1,000, Apple’s iPhone scored an impressive 803, followed by RIM BlackBerry with a score of 724.

In addition, in a separate survey, JD Power also looked into consumers’ satisfaction with their smartphones, with this study included same aforementioned parameters for adjudging the handset’s capabilities.

In this study too, Apple iPhone was a clear leader with a score of 811, followed by a surprising second, LG with 776, and RIM BlackBerry with a score of 724, out of a possible 1,000.

While the market research company didn’t release the exact figures, it said that the iPhone performed significantly well "in in ease of operation, operating system, features, and physical design."

Our Comments

Apple doesn't want the iPhone to be a business tool for the time being but could well change things over in the future. The problem is that a business grade iPhone would need to have a significantly better backend support like RIM's Blackberry Enterprise Server.

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