Internet Explorer Market Share Falls Under 66 Percent

Microsoft’s share in the browser market for the month of September 2009 has plummeted further to reach a new low with rival browsers steadily gaining popularity, particularly due to the advent of a number of gadgets that enable accessing the internet from beyond the PC.

Figures obtained from Net Applications show that although Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) is a market leader by far, its market share saw a significant decline, with rival browsers like Firefox and Chrome being among the gainers.

That said, according to the recent figures, IE is still by far a market leader with 65.71 percent of the total market share in the internet browser segment, followed by Mozilla with 23.75 percent, and Safari with 4.24 percent.

Google’s Chrome snared the fourth spot with 3.17 percent, and Opera was at the fifth spot with a nominal 2.19 percent share in the browser market. Apart from Microsoft’s IE, which registered a sizable drop of 1.26 percent in it market share, all other browsers have shown a progressive report.

Of all the gainers in the browser arena, Firefox showed the maximum growth of around 0.77 percentage points, up from 22.98 percent in the month of August to 23.75 in September.

On the other hand, Safari’s share moved up by 0.17 percentage points, Chrome’s share increased notably by 0.33 percentage points and Opera budged by 0.15 percentage points.