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Youtube Hits One Billion Video Views Per Day

Video mammoth Youtube has announced via a post with a cryptic title - Y,000,000,000uTube - that it has managed to reach one billion videos streamed a day, a fantastic achievement for a company that's less than five years old.

Writing on the company blog, the CEO and Co-founder of Youtube said that "Today, I'm proud to say that we have been serving well over a billion views a day on YouTube. This is great moment in our short history and we owe it all to you".

And three years ago, the website was acquired by Google in a massive acquisition deal worth $1.65 billion which made of Youtube's co founders instant internet billionaires and managed to get most content providers miffed by the fact that, according to them, Youtube failed to protect their IP rights or do much to prevent piracy.

One billion views doesn't mean that it is one billion page views as a portion of the views on Youtube actually happened on third party websites as Youtube implemented an embedded feature that allows website owners to put Youtube-bound videos on their sites.

Since the first days of Youtube, the price of bandwidth has decreased tremendously, the Youtube platform itself has been significantly improved while additional features like HD content and (soon to come) 3D capabilities will make sure that Youtube is still one of the most visited sites in the world.

Still, Youtube continues to stick to some basic tenets that kept well above other competitors. It still loads videos extremely fast and doesn't ask you to download any codecs, it is build on an open platform and made video production and dissemination, something significantly less complex than ever before.

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Youtube is Google's third most precious product after search and advertising. It managed to generate nearly 12,000 views per second and it is therefore not a surprise that it is the third biggest website in the world according to Alexa, in front of Facebook.

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