Adobe Releases For iPhone

In a move aimed at offering its image editing expertise to iPhone users, Adobe has unveiled a new iPhone app that facilitates the editing of images on the phone along with images stored on Adobe’s online library

The new app is currently available free of charge and it comes with a set of sophisticated features which includes one touch filter effects and gesture based editing which essentially allows a user to edit images by swiping their fingers across the iPhone’s touch screen.

Among the editing options available, features like colour controls, image rotation and undo and redo controls come across as rather easy to use while overall the app works like a breeze.

Adobe has christened the new app as for Mobile and it appears that a large number of iPhone users will look at using the app owing to the popularity of the Photoshop brand.

Expressing his enthusiasm at the launch of the new app, Doug Mack, the vice president of Hosted Solutions at Adobe mentioned "Now, with access to powerful editing and sharing tools, iPhone users are armed with the resources to document all of life’s unexpected moments, make them look their best and then re-live those memories with friends and family."

Unfortunately, it seems that the app is only available in the US and not on the App Store in the UK.

Our Comments

If there's something that the iPhone is doing is radically change the way applications are being developed or even thought of. In all cases, the mouse and the keyboard are being ignored being replaced by the finger swiping.

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