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Microsoft Launches FUSE Labs For Social Media Research

Microsoft seems poised to explore the potential of social media in the foreseeable future, as the software bellwether has forged ahead in the same direction by forming a new research lab intended to explore potential projects avenues in social computing.

The newly-formed Microsoft Future Social Experiences (FUSE) Labs will be spearheaded by Microsoft General Manager Lili Cheng, who was the former director of the Creative Systems Group (CSG) within the Microsoft Research department.

This social computing endeavour, which will include as many as 80 researchers, is a brainchild of Ray Ozzie, Microsoft's chief software architect.

"Myriad scenarios involving the notion of 'social' have now gone far beyond communications and collaboration and are transforming experiences that are key to our customers and key to our business, in leisure & entertainment; productivity & teamwork; experiences extending how we use the OS itself", reads an internal email from Ozzie.

Ozzie further went on to explain that the FUSE Labs would integrate three distinct autonomous research groups in a bid to utilise the phenomenon of social computing to spruce up Microsoft's initiatives in real-time search, cloud computing, online sharing, etc.

Citing the same, he wrote: "The three groups being combined have concrete skills and code in areas where ‘social' meets sharing; where ‘social' meets real-time; where "social" meets media; where "social" meets search; where "social" meets the cloud plus three screens and a world of devices."

Our Comments

Incidentally, FUSE won't be part of Microsoft's Live Labs but rather an entity that lies in Microsoft Research Department whose motto is turning ideas into reality. The MRD has already adopted Facebook and Twitter showing that they won't probably mind collaborating with competing products.

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